Hello, my name is Thatcher Scott Dyer Mines, “Chacha” for short 🙂

In Power Animals United my expertise areas are Deals and Development.

I’m passionate about creating things bigger than myself. Bringing values and vision to projects I’m involved in. Most amazing thing about what we do as producers? Creating the bridge between creative and business — taking small brilliant ideas and building on the creative, strategy and teams that result in content for kids and families globally.  

“Thatcher is the person everyone should come to to make things better” said a colleague. That kinda fits well.

Born in the US, lived in New Zealand for years as a kid. Studied Urban Planning and Architecture, lived in Russia for ~10 years. Became an entrepreneur, made many million (rubles;) and fell in love in France with a Finnish goddess and shaman. We left our corporate jobs,  formed a family, a family business, and then made a baby and a few hit shows happen.

My power animal is definitely a pelican. Playful, social, and have big mouths 😉
Every year I visit Ocracoke Island to visit my parents and watch some pelicans…

With Power Animals United I’m excited about the future…


  • Co-developing, financing and producing kids and family content with top partners around the world.
  • Owning a majority audience in Kids YouTube in the Nordics
  • Owning the local rights to properties we work on, and sharing in their global success
  • Creating learning tools and content for educational sector that leverage the wisdom of the kids entertainment and media industry in attracting and keeping kids attention.


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