I am Reetta Ranta, aka Retu, @retubelle, belly, you name it.

I’m the CEO and responsible for the strategy and stories. It mean’s I’m a visionary minded leader and a storyteller, who want’s to make a world a better place. Right now I’m producing my tv show Back to Nature, developing a documentary and event concept Sauna Sisters, and many other ticklishly wonderful things that we’ll be sharing soon.

My motto is: I believe in love, nature and storytelling. Those three things keep me very busy and excited both at work and at freetime. LOVE  as a Universal power behind all life, NATURE as exploring our lovely planet Mother Earth, and STORIES as they have been told and shared to enchant us since the ancient times.

I have over 20 years experience in startups and media companies including Rabbit Films, Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle, Basso Radio,, Sulake and Razorfish. I love working  with individuals and companies who are looking to express a deeper calling in this life.

Since my childhood, deer and moose have been following my life and appearing to me both in real life as well as in my dreams – especially when something important has been happening. But it was only on my first shamanistic drumming trip when I realized that they were my power animals. I have a strong connection to animals in general, but deer are something even more powerful and meaningful to me.

Magical deer with golden antlers are running in a circle around me, I can feel their excitement and heat, helping me understand the mysteries of life. ❤


I see PAU as a vehicle to our family, friends and employees to make their dreams come true and make the world a bit better place than it was before us. I want it to be our legacy  both to our kids and to Mother Earth.

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