About us

Power Animals United is a Finnish family company. We develop stories into brands, products and TV, and bring them to international markets. We have a passion for creating stories with heart, stories that bring joy and make the world a better place.

Our brands include

  • Back to Nature – A lifestyle format exploring local nature, mythology and ancient wisdom.
  • Sauna Animals – A world born from the smells of forest, sauna rituals and spirits: Stories inspired by nature and Finnish folk tales.

Our consulting services & experience is in internationalization. We develop concepts into brands & formats, and bring them to international markets.

Areas of expertise:

  • Concept development & pitch bibles for animation, tv shows and formats
  • Product development, branding, and design management
  • Script writing, story editing & script doctoring
  • Language support & project management for Russian and Finnish projects & co-productions: translations of scripts, notes, creative discussions
  • English voice-casting + dubbing for animation (from low-budgets to Hollywood celebrity talent)
  • Building international distribution & partnerships
  • Consumer products and licensing
  • YouTube and digital


I am Reetta Ranta, aka Retu, @retubelle, belly, you name it. I’m the CEO and responsible for the strategy and stories. It mean’s I’m a visionary minded leader and a storyteller, who want’s to make a world a better place. Right now I’m producing my tv show Back to Nature, developing a documentary and event…


Hello, my name is Thatcher Scott Dyer Mines, “Chacha” for short 🙂 In Power Animals United my expertise areas are Deals and Development. I’m passionate about creating things bigger than myself. Bringing values and vision to projects I’m involved in. Most amazing thing about what we do as producers? Creating the bridge between creative and business…


I’m a creative designer which means I do anything from concept design and research to branding, graphic design and visualisation. I do product design, styling for Back to Nature clothing, I sew and I knit and I crochet, and I do some very basic 3D modeling and 3D print prototypes as well as small batch…