I’m a creative designer which means I do anything from concept design and research to branding, graphic design and visualisation. I do product design, styling for Back to Nature clothing, I sew and I knit and I crochet, and I do some very basic 3D modeling and 3D print prototypes as well as small batch production.

I love nature. I enjoy natural materials like wood and rocks and breathing all the different forest scents. Specifically I love pine trees and the Finnish forests where you can see and track ice age trails in the landscape, lakes and rock formations. I don’t need to accomplice anything, just be in the forest. The japanese call it shinrin-yoku (森林浴) – forest bathing. My dream is to have a small cottage in a forest so I can forest bathe every day.

My power animal could be a raven – a symbol of wisdom, but I’m also good at finding hidden meanings and creating patterns like a spider. My best animal friend is our dog Luna – we forest bathe together.

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