Sauna Sisters

Sauna Sisters is a collection of stories about the magic of sisterhood and sauna traditions. It tells stories of the power of sisterhood – often hidden in our masculine world – strengthening the  bonds between women, regardless of who they are or where they are from. Empowering women to be themselves; freeing one from traditional roles or guiding another to one’s roots, always generating creative and unexpected solutions to life’s challenges in the process.

Sauna Sisters is for women of all ages. The magic of sisterhood and steam bring love, support and new life perspectives through the stories these women share with each other.

All started from a script Reetta started writing some twenty years ago and later developed into variety of projects; a document of childbirth in sauna, story sharing workshops, manuscript for a book as well as the original drama comedy series.

The story sharing workshops are ongoing since the midsummer 2017, check the Sauna Sisters Facebook for next events!

Our aim is to spread the joy of shared wisdom to women all over the world.

For more information contact
Reetta Ranta
[email protected]

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