Back to Nature Australia filming begins

We are absolutely thrilled to share the first news from Australia where Back to Nature filming has begun with Aaron Pedersen, star of “Mystery Road” and “Goldstone”, and Holly Ringland, author of “The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart”. Aaron and Holly will explore the incredible Australian landscapes and learn the stories of the land, often from those with ancestral connections going back tens of thousands of years.’

Photo credits: Main photo – David Tranter, Aaron Pedersen – Daniel Asher-Smith, Holly Ringland – Gulia Zonza

“Nothing like this has been done before. We’re all connected to all of life. Most nature shows feel like they sit above the earth, like they’re separate from it. This series feels like we’re part of it, like there’s a relationship. Back to Nature is medicine for all of us. And it’s medicine for me. I need to do this.”
Aaron Pedersen

“One of my greatest passions is sharing the magic of the natural world through story. Stories cultivate empathy and understanding: nature offers us stories that reflect our common experience of what it is to be alive. Being in nature, and connecting to nature through story, is how we come home to ourselves and each other.”
Holly Ringland

Jane Manning, producer and director of Back to Nature Australia, believes the format has an ability to resonate with audiences in special ways, “This unique and beautiful series will be a balm for the soul and a pleasure for the senses, enhancing the audience’s love of being outdoors and connection to the landscape around them.”

The series, commissioned by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) TV and funded in association with Screen NSW and The People and Parks Foundation, is produced by Media Stockade and Threshold Pictures with Escapade Media distributing the series internationally.

Read more about the production at mediastockade.comAaron’s work on IMDB and about Holly at For sales inquires, please contact Escapade Media.

Back to Nature 
is a lifestyle format exploring local nature, mythology and ancient wisdom.

For further information, please contact:
Reetta Ranta

Executive Producer
+358 50 5741 841
[email protected]

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