Metsien kätkemä season 2 in Finnish TV1

Metsien Kätkemä takes you yet again to magnificent and inspiring nature locations in Finland. In this second season of the series, Antti Huttunen and Reetta Ranta discover the ancient fairways through Finland.

The first season, seen on Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle TV1, reached over half a million weekly viewers (in a country of 5.5 Million people). The theme for the second season is the passages of different eras: Härkätie of Häme, Kuninkaantie (the King’s Road) and holy waterways of Saimaa. There are six new wonderful episodes, featuring a total of 18 spectacular nature sites in Finland.

Antti Huttunen and Reetta Ranta, are the guides familiar from the first season. After the first episode, Luna the dog will retire and give title of sniffing expert to the lively dog Pietu.
Metsien Kätkemä (Back to Nature) is a new kind of nature TV format, where intriguing stories of the trekking sites are broadened by deeper eternal wisdom, the mythological dimensions, and the relationship between nature and man.

Metsien Kätkemä season 2 aired first time in Yle TV1 in Finland during October 2018 and is available in Yle Areena in Finland.

Back to Nature – A lifestyle format exploring local nature, mythology and ancient wisdom.

Season 1 (9 x 30-mins) launched Summer 2016 on Finland’s largest national FTA channel YLE TV1 with touching audience feedback and exceptional ratings. Season 2 premiers on 25th of October 2018.

The format has been optioned by producers in Australia, the UK, New Zealand and South Africa.

For further information, please contact:
Reetta Ranta
+358 50 5741 841
[email protected]

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