Digital marketing guru and storyteller with a love for nature wanted!

Power Animals United is a Finnish family company. We develop concepts into brands & formats, and bring them to international markets. We are looking for a freelancer to join the team to build a stronger online following and create content in social media, email, online shop and other digital channels.

Role Responsibilities:

  • Ensure content shared on digital channels is optimised to achieve marketing objectives
  • Generate ideas for content and marketing
  • Explore how to repackage existing content, e.g. shorter format for mobile social media (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube – you name it)
  • Investigate how to develop new digital content into these platforms to support our brands and connect with people online
  • Manage and respond to feedback on social media
  • Track analytics to measure effectiveness and efficiency of digital content and marketing

At the moment we are focusing on a couple of lifestyle brands with international audiences. Our main brand is Back to Nature, a stunning & soulful TV format focused on connecting with nature and mythology The format has had two seasons in Finland (“Metsien kätkemä”), the Australian version of our format is coming out later this year (GTS;), and several other territories to follow.

Are you are an excellent digital storyteller and love to produce beautiful content (text, images, short videos based on existing digital libraries)? Are you a bit of a datageek and have a strong analytical and strategic skills to understand how to funnel the audiences into desired platforms? Maybe you have some experience and success working with influencers? The project starts immediately and is for a fixed period (one month) and budget. There may be a possibility to continue after the project ends on an hourly basis freelance contract.

Our company’s core values are Family, Nature, Creativity, Kindness and Esthetics. We hope you share our values too. We also wish you to have a strong connection to nature and feel digital storytelling is a passion.

Project Type: One-time project

You will be asked to answer the following questions when submitting a proposal:

  • Who are the hosts of the Australian show? What are two aspects of who they are or their stories that stand out to you in regards to building an online following?
  • And, of course, tell us why this project is a great fit for you!

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