Back to Nature

Back to Nature (Finnish title “Metsien kätkemä”) with Flatlight Films and YLE Finland

Reetta created the series concept and pitch bibles and brought in Flatlight as a production company. Summer of 2016 on launch became the top weekly show in Finland (behind only news and sports). The local format outperformed international nature documenteries Discovery, BBC and NatGeo documentaries on VOD.

Print art book published in Finland.

Back to Nature Finland Season 1 (9 x 30-mins) launched Summer 2016 on Finland’s largest national FTA channel YLE TV1 with touching audience feedback and exceptional ratings. Season 2 (6 x 30-mins) aired in the same channel in Autumn 2018.

Back to Nature Australia Season 1 (8 x 30-mins) is live now in ABC TV and has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the Australian viewers.

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