Finnish Back to Nature TV format set to explore three new countries and two new continents

Back to Nature season 1 aired summer 2016 on primetime TV in Finland with exceptional ratings and touching audience feedback. The format’s proven magic has now been optioned to Australia, the UK and South Africa. In partnership with local producers, the format will be reimagined to explore each country’s nature locations, myths and history.

“We are super excited to see all the stories and nature on different continents -– places that have much longer human history than we do in the Nordics. The ancient wisdom of Australian aboriginal people combined with unique landscapes, or in South Africa, which many believe to be the origin of the human race. The UK is certainly a rich home for the format – from Celtic druid tradition and pagan religions to modern stories of nature spirits, fairies and gnomes. These territories all have beautiful stories waiting to be uncovered and magnificent scenery. It will be both deeply intriguing and fun!” says Reetta Ranta, the concept co-creator and executive producer and international sales director.

Sharing his thoughts on the international growth, Antti Huttunen, executive producer and co-creator says “It gives us great pleasure to see a format, inspired by Finnish nature, resonating with people all around the world. It highlights the importance of nature for all humans.”

Reetta adds that the reaction of professionals internationally is inspiring “Every time we screen episodes, people relax and are enchanted. The way the show brings nature and stories together using a mix of majestic drone and macro photography awakens a connection to nature. It’s that look and feeling we seek to recreate with our new partners. It’s wonderful to see that they are as excited about the concept as we are!”

Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE executive commissioner Ilkka Saari is pleased by the international interest. “With Metsien Kätkemä (Finnish title of Back to Nature) our aim is to reach younger generations with nature programming. The content and format proved to be perfect for this purpose. The format’s new style and the level of ambition is now being recognised internationally.”

The Back to Nature TV format is created by Power Animals United, Retkipaikka and Flatlight Creative House.

Partnering production companies:

Jane Manning / Threshold Pictures

South Africa:
Wendy Spinks / Zeropoint Studios

Hannah and Douglas Rath / Myth Factory

More information:
Reetta Ranta
+358 50 5741841
[email protected]

Director of Strategy and Stories
Power Animals United

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