I’m Valya. No nicknames given – never had a single other Valya around. Sigh. 

So far I just look at everything with my eyes wide open, feeling like I’m a silly cub who has a world to learn. Yet again.

My passion? Stories – the only real magic in our world! Also my people and cats. I love wandering in forests and swimming. Food.

I haven’t picked one special power animal yet, but here are my best candidates:
1: Honey badger! Honey badgers are perfect inspiration when you need to go through a tough period in your life: they are fearless and immune to poison.
2: Naked mole rat. They don’t feel pain and live as long as elves. Their social structure is a bit disappointing though.
3: Penguin. They are extremely cute and great swimmers, but also good at supporting others.

When I was a kid I thought it would be cool to be a squirrel – saving food for winter seems like a fun thing to do!

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